Take the Guesswork Out of Global Shipping

Ship confidently–even if you aren't fluent in a country's customs requirements and government regulations. We're ready and willing to help solve your challenges of doing business overseas.

Simplify Your International Shipping

As a world leader in logistics, we can help you streamline your international shipping. This guide explains the documents you need to complete and how to complete them.

Your Guide to Importing Logistics

UPS can unite every aspect of your import supply chain process into an enhanced solution that meets all your shipping needs.

Start with What You Want to Ship

Now that you know what you want to import or export, you must identify landed costs, tariff regulations and harmonized codes so that you pay the right taxes and duties and follow country-specific requirements.

Research Regulations by Country

Decide where you want to ship. Then verify your destination is not an embargoed country or restricted trading party, and check country-specific details on prohibited and restricted commodities.

Find the Right Balance Between Speed and Cost

When you want your shipment to arrive determines the service and plays a role in determining your shipping rate. UPS has air, ocean and ground services to get your shipment across borders in the time you need.

Prepare Your Shipment

Make sure your shipment is packaged properly and has all the right documentation and forms so your package arrives in good condition, without delays or penalties.

We’re Here to Help at Every Step

Our expertise in various markets including Canada, Mexico, China and India combined with our specialized knowledge in key industries put you in a position to succeed in the global marketplace.