X-Port Challenge. Ready to take your business global? Tell us why.

Challenge Rules

Participating geographic areas may be designated for some, but not all of a state or district. As a result, not all businesses in a state or district may qualify for the UPS X-PORT Challenge in a participating UPS district, depending on the principle business address for the business. The following states are included within a participating UPS district**:

* All credits for UPS® export services that may be awarded as part of a prize must be redeemed and used for applicable services by no later than the date provided in the official rules. The UPS export services will be provided subject to the standard terms and conditions applicable to such UPS services. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply. Each Pitch-Off Winner must have a valid UPS account to use the UPS export services.

**The remaining UPS X-PORT Challenge events for 2016 will be conducted by individual UPS districts. To be eligible to participate, your business must be incorporated and registered to conduct business under the laws of one of the states within a participating UPS district.